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  • “Tom Sawyer’s Widow”

    “Tom Sawyer’s Widow”

    Powdered white And pouting face Dressed in black Her skin with lace Dog’s in the back Unfed in the leaves With no one perched In the goddamn eaves (Roped in the back…) She’s barren of seed “The rogue & the bastard! He promised to me!” Up into town To thee Spekey Sea (Dog’s on the […]

  • “The Septic”

    “The Septic”

    “You know you’re a pussy. When they letting you out of there?” “I don’t know, Evan…fuck you…two, three more weeks. I got a hole in my stomach.” “A hole. You’re a total zombie. What are they giving you? ” “They leave the incision unstitched at first to make sure the insides heal.” “Sponge baths…” “Demerol. […]