”The Lion Is Bleeding” by P.E. Tottenham

Someone stretched
The meaning of this
Common feeling
Making light of my insight

A stone has rolled
Unshored from some
Dark tomb
As a soul has crept
Aborted from that womb

This lamb’s a lion
Banished from its
Native veldt
Unfed, a vein
Left bleeding in the rain

Some eyes saw through
The meaning
Vanquished and unearthed
I saw the Lion bleeding
Smarting from its birth

Left untied
United in this sacred ride
Glueing pieces, and
Unfazed by what’s denied

P.E. Tottenham

©2017 teagown records

One response to “”The Lion Is Bleeding” by P.E. Tottenham”

  1. After reading The Vima Tresna ‘The Lion is Bleeding’ I am inclined to think this poem is about how hurtful life can be. And how one could muster all the toughness one needs to get to the light of the other side.

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